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JBW Process Flow

Our project management processes ensure successful project delivery while our engineering processes ensure safe, technically sound, and efficient designs.

Phase 1: Engineering

This first step is the beginning of our project journey. We communicate with the potential client through proposals, quoting, and project setup. This includes background research, concept development, specification review, vendor coordination, hazard and financial analysis, and report writing. This phase ends with the Phase 1 QC Review.

Phase 2: Design

The second step is where we get into our expertise. This includes point cloud scanning, modeling for new and existing equipment and systems, and interference detection. This phase also includes further vendor coordination and model coordination. The Phase 2 QC Review marks the end of the design phase.

Phase 3: Drafting

In the third step, the final product starts to take shape. We see the development of sheet concept plan as well as sheet and view generation. Then comes final detailing, annotations, and revision management. This phase is concluded by the Phase 3 QC Review.

Phase 4: Construction Admin and Closeout

The final step of our process flow contains construction administration and as-built administration, verification, and drawings. We also go through a lessons learned review and a folder and file consolidation.

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