Industrial Ventilation

Project Summary

JBW was retained to provide design engineering and design services for a climate-controlled room in which rolls of paper are stored. This project included the installation of an HVAC system and fast roll-up doors designed to control the temperature and humidity in a room in which large rolls of paper are stored.

JBW began the project with a kick-off meeting with the project stakeholders. We then made multiple trips to the plant to access the area where the new systems were being installed. Sketches were made and photos/videos were taken of critical equipment and area constraints. Drawings of the existing equipment were collected from equipment manufacturers and the plants.

Our team delivered a system that was simple, yet elegant and performed as hoped. The room is easily and quickly accessible, properly sealed off and insulated, and the designed system controls the humidity well. The system reduces the moisture content in the rolls of paper overlay, reducing sticking and subsequent downtime in the machines they are applicated from.

3D model of Ventilation System
Finished climate-controlled room
Drawing of climate-controlled room

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