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Dryer Upgrade

Project Summary

JBW was retained to provide design engineering, analysis, and design services for the dryer upgrade at an OSB facility. This project included the analysis of a complex air-material separation system with high-heat and humidity that is integrated with environmental controls.

The dryers take wet flakes at 50% moisture and dry it to 5%. The water removed from the flakes is absorbed in the hot air, which is then separated from the dry flakes in a cyclone system. The hot, moist air goes on to be further separated in 3 more stages for environmental compliance.

JBW analyzed the system, which hadn't run properly for years, and ultimately suggested removing 2 fans from the system to achieve the pressure desired in certain locations.

The JBW team provided BIM coordination for the new dryers (which were larger than the originals), construction drawings, design and engineering of support system, spark detection and extinguishment, and a heat reclaim system. Structural design was provided for the new dryer foundations and platforms. 

Serviced Provided

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Process Engineering

  • System Analysis

  • BIM Coordination


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