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Facility/Process/Equipment Evaluation

JBW has team members with extensive knowledge and specialties in combustible dust hazards with the ability to analyze the hazards present in your facility. 

Facility Evaluation
Dust Handling Processes
Potential Failure Analysis
Dust Explosion Hazards
Risk Reduction Recommendations
System Design

What Customers Say:

"At Badger State Ethanol, safety is not an after-thought but in the forefront of all we do.  Realizing our plant is coming on twenty years in operation, we needed expertise to audit our plant and help us understand what equipment needed to be updated and enhanced to meet and exceed today’s safety standards.  Our partners at JBW did just that.  They laid out a multiple program, multiple year review of all systems and what enhancements were recommended.  They systematically stuck to the program and communicated and documented our needs along the way. Their knowledge of the enhancements and equipment, along with vendors to help make the modifications were beyond our expectations.  Knowing we are doing all we can to ensure safety of the plant and our employees will be the most important return on investment our company can make."

Erik Huschitt, CEO and General Manager, Badger State Ethanol

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