Air-Material-Separation System

Project Summary

JBW was retained to provide design and engineering cervices for an improved air-material-separation system to capture large OSB flakes from the Flying Cut-off Saw to improve the lifespan of the bags in the current system. Ultimately, a new cyclone was added to the system with a booster fan.

The cutting process is far from constant with a wide range of kerfs. Because of this, the existing system did not collect the dust and flakes adequately. JBW sized and specified a new fan to increase and provide consistently adequate airflow.

Adding equipment and duct in tight areas is difficult and can easily lead to interferences in the field. Fortunately, JBW was able to work with point clouds to minimize these interferences. Several options were vetted to minimize construction costs and increase maintainability.

JBW handled the structural engineering for the new cyclone and duct supports, working with the existing pre-engineered building and reinforcing where necessary.

JBW closely analyzed the explosion hazards per NFPA 664 and provided adequate spark detection and isolation to the downstream equipment mitigating explosion hazards. 

3D model of air-material-separation system
Drawing of air-material-separation system

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